Event Wrap-Up: GISEC 2021 in Dubai


Abdul Rehman, Regional Director, Noel Slane, VP of Sales, Benny Czarny, Founder & CEO, George Chereches, Sales Engineer, and Sean Lennon, Director of Channel Sales at the emt / OPSWAT booth

GISEC, the most influential cybersecurity event in the Middle East and Africa, was held at the Dubai World Trade Centre from May 31- June 2. We were excited to attend our first in-person conference since early 2020.

Over 7,000 of the top cybersecurity professionals were at the event to discover cutting-edge solutions, share insights with industry experts and equip themselves with the right tools to protect their businesses from rapidly evolving cyber attackers. It was a great opportunity for OPSWAT to showcase our comprehensive suite of critical infrastructure solutions at our partner emt Technology’s booth.

We spoke with hundreds of technology end-users about our critical infrastructure cybersecurity solutions, including Cross-Domain Solutions, File Upload Security, Storage Security, and Email Security.

George Chereches, OPSWAT Sales Engineer, discusses MetaDefender Kiosk

During the event, OPSWAT Founder and CEO Benny Czarny delivered a keynote session discussing what Content Disarm and Reconstruction (CDR) is and how to select the right CDR technology.

OPSWAT Founder & CEO Benny Czarny speaks at GISEC 2021

Here’s a quick high-level recap of his presentation:

Existing technologies fail to prevent cyber threats because malware is growing in complexity and becoming increasingly successful at avoiding traditional and next-gen anti-malware engines and sandboxes.
CDR technology can protect enterprises from known and unknown threats, zero-day attacks, advanced persistent threats (APT), and sophisticated evasive malware.
With so many CDR technology solutions available on the market today, how do you know which solution is best for your organization?
9 questions you need to ask when choosing a CDR technology:

1. Can you deploy different policies for separate data channels?
2. How many file types are supported?
3. What type of archive formats are supported?
4. What is the quality of the reconstruction?
5. How’s the performance and what’s the cost?
6. What are the IT requirements?
7. How secure is the design?
8. What’s the debug mode?
9. What security certification does the vendor have?

OPSWAT developed CDR technology to address zero-day cyber threats that are not detected by traditional anti-malware and dynamic analysis solutions like sandboxes. Traditional anti-malware and dynamic analysis solutions like sandboxes are missing threats because they were built to detect an anomaly in a file or in a file’s behavior.

OPSWAT CDR technology, called Deep CDR, assumes all files are malicious. It ingests files and then regenerates these files in a way that ensures the regenerated file is both usable and harmless. Hence, our CDR technology provides protection without needing to know whether a suspected file is “good” or “bad.”

If you are interested in learning more about Benny’s CDR presentation at GISEC 2021 or have any questions, please contact one of our critical infrastructure cybersecurity experts.