GISEC Conference Speakers


GISEC Conference Speakers

The world leaders in cybersecurity meet to discuss the future....

A strategy and policy-driven stage led by a stellar lineup of Global CISO’s setting trends at some of the world’s most iconic companies, intelligence briefings on new threats from major international security agencies, Government authorities & Public and Private sectors who bring to the table, top of mind cyber issues and initiatives

  • H.E. Dr. Mohamed Al-Kuwaiti

    H.E. Dr. Mohamed Al-Kuwaiti

    Head of Cyber Security, United Arab Emirates Government , United Arab Emirates
  • Matthias Schranner

    Matthias Schranner

    Founder & CEO, Schranner Negotiation Institute , Switzerland
    Former FBI trained hostage negotiator, undercover drugs enforcement agent, author. Schranner advises corporate and government leaders in more than 40 countries on difficult negotiations
  • Sudhakar Ramakrishna

    Sudhakar Ramakrishna

    President and Chief Executive Officer, SolarWinds
  • Marshal Webb

    Marshal Webb

    Former Hacker and CEO, Path Network
  • Hamad Al Katheri

    Hamad Al Katheri

    Vice President of Enterprise Risk & Information Security, Zain KSA , Saudi Arabia
  • Amer Sharaf

    Amer Sharaf

    Director, Compliance, Support and Alliances, Dubai Electronic Security Center
    Highly skilled on city level systems & adopting several disruptive technologies, ensuring that key security principles and technologies are adopted
  • Col. Saeed M. Al Hajri

    Col. Saeed M. Al Hajri

    Director, Cybercrime Department and Chairman of Advisory Board, Dubai Police HQ
    Trailblazer combatting cyber and financial fraud related crime, protecting both private and public interests
  • Faisal Sibai

    Faisal Sibai

    Sr. Director CISO, "Confidential" , Saudi Arabia
  • Dr Marwan Al Zarouni

    Dr Marwan Al Zarouni

    Director, Information Security Services, Dubai Electronic Security Center (DESC)
    Founding Member of Dubai Electronic Security Center (DESC) and Artificial Intelligence Ethical Committee
  • Ahmed Al Zarouni

    Ahmed Al Zarouni

    Vice President, Investment Corporation of Dubai (ICD)
    Adding value to all IT and Happiness releated matters
  • Illyas Kooliyankal

    Illyas Kooliyankal

    Chief Information Security Officer, Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank (ADIB) , United Arab Emirates
    Visionary, multi-award winner, CISO of the year, cybersecurity transformation leader & Author
  • Palo Stacho

    Palo Stacho

    Head of Operations, Lucy Security
    Entrepreneur & business developer in the IT industry for over 3 decades, co-founder of globally recognized IT security awareness company
  • Syed Ashfak

    Syed Ashfak

    Head, Encryption BU, Spire Solutions
  • Siddhartha Murthinty

    Siddhartha Murthinty

    Chief Solutions Architect, Spire Solutions
  • Tarek Naja

    Tarek Naja

    Solution Architect – Middle East, Qualys
  • Jelena Matone

    Jelena Matone

    Senior Head, CISO & OpRisk, European Investment Bank , Luxembourg
    2019 CISO of the Year Luxembourg, Jelena leads the security strategies, policies and procedures for European Investment Bank, the lending arm of the European Union
  • Gary Brantley

    Gary Brantley

    CTO, Beazer Homes , United States
    Technology strategist who battled America’s largest cyber security attack
  • Larry Gloss

    Larry Gloss

    Executive Director - Global Public Sector, BluVector , United States
    Multi-award winning military officer who has led startups & Fortune 100 software firms
  • Majed Alshodari

    Majed Alshodari

    CISO, Allied Cooperative Insurance Group (ACIG) , Saudi Arabia
    Multi award-winning cybersecurity leader including Arab CISO Award 2020, Majed has helmed cybersec projects across Banking, Supply Chain, Oil & Gas, Real Estate, Construction, Insurance, Automotive, Investment and more sectors
  • Muath AlHomoud

    Muath AlHomoud

    CISO, Tasnee , Saudi Arabia
    Named 2021 CISO of the Year & CISO Powerlist, Muath has pioneered rapid change in Saudi Arabia’s cybersecurity landscape, alongside defining policy governance and operations
  • Dr. Erdal Ozkaya

    Dr. Erdal Ozkaya

    Regional CISO, MD, Standard Chartered Bank , United Arab Emirates
    Named among ‘Top 50 Technology Leaders 2021’ by CIO Online & IDC, Dr. Erdal is a fintech power personality with an ardent passion for raising cyber awareness and leveraging new & innovative approaches
  • Viktor Polic

    Viktor Polic

    CISO, Head of Information Security and Assurance Services, ILO , Switzerland
    Trailblazer CISO journey spanning across multilateral financial, humanitarian, standardization & development public sector organizations
  • Yoram Hacohen

    Yoram Hacohen

    CEO, Israel Internet Association (ISOC-IL) , Israel
    Israel's Former Data Protection commissioner
  • Sultan Altukhaim

    Sultan Altukhaim

    Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), The Saudi Investment Bank (SAIB) , Saudi Arabia
    Winner of Middle East Security Award, Sultan steers digital transformation, risk management & cybersecurity of the Kingdom’s leading private & public sector financier
  • Craig Jones

    Craig Jones

    Cybercrime Director, INTERPOL , Singapore
    Leads INTERPOL’s Cybercrime Directorate
  • Jason Steer

    Jason Steer

    Director of EMEA presales, Recorded Future , United Kingdom
    Managed security projects across EMEA for all sectors of a variety of government and blue chip organisations
  • Chris Kubecka

    Chris Kubecka

    Distinguished Chair, Middle East Institute's Cyber Program , Netherlands
    Responsible for getting the Saudi Aramco network back up and running after it was hit by one of the world's most devastating Shamoon cyberattacks
  • Mohamad Mahjoub

    Mohamad Mahjoub

    CISO, Veolia , United Arab Emirates
    YouTuber, Author, Infopreneur, and a leading voice in cybersecurity, Mohamad has trained over 80,000 students on IT security with his multilingual courses
  • Saqib Chaudhry

    Saqib Chaudhry

    Head of Digital Innovation and Development, Cleveland Clinic , United Arab Emirates
    Frontliner of the digital pandemic, steering the digital innovation strategy for Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi
  • Christopher Ahlberg

    Christopher Ahlberg

    Co-founder & CEO, Recorded Future , Sweden
    World’s Top 100 Young Innovators by MIT
  • John Salomon

    John Salomon

    Director – MEA, FS-ISAC , Spain
    EMEA lead for the only global cyber intelligence sharing community solely focused on financial services
  • Dara Latinwo

    Dara Latinwo

    One Young World UK Ambassador, currently based in United Arab Emirates
    A One Young World (OYW) ambassador who was selected to attend the prestigious 2017 OYW Summit in Colombia
  • Ola Sergatchov

    Ola Sergatchov

    Vice President – Corporate Strategy, Guardicore , Israel
    Former IBM executive at the top of Israel’s cyber game as one of the top 25 women leaders in cybersecurity of 2020
  • Dasha Deckwerth

    Dasha Deckwerth

    Founder, President & CISO, Stealth-ISS Group , United States
    Recognised as one of the Top 100 CISO’ss for 2020 at Black Hat USA 202, by Cyber Defense Magazine
  • Aloysius Cheang

    Aloysius Cheang

    Chief Security Officer, Huawei UAE , United Arab Emirates
    Global trailblazer, driving the company’s cybersecurity vision of building a safe and secure intelligent connected digital world in the UAE and the region
  • Arunachalam Tharamangalam

    Arunachalam Tharamangalam

    President - Marketing & Head - Cyber and Emerging Risks Practice, Bharat Re-Insurance Brokers , United Arab Emirates
    Insurance veteran and cyber insurance pioneer
  • Sarfaraz Ahmed

    Sarfaraz Ahmed

    CIO & CISO, Engie
    Leading cybersecurity of ENGIE in the Middle East, South and Central Asia and Africa region. ENGIE is one of the leading global players in energy sector, with operations spanning US, Latin America, Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia and Australia.
  • Yask Sharma

    Yask Sharma

    CISO, Indian Oil
    Securing the Digital Transformation Journey of Oil & Gas in India
  • Andrew Schumer

    Andrew Schumer

    Co-Founder, Dubai Cyber Cluster & Technical Director, Axon Tech , United Arab Emirates
  • Brig. Gen. (Res.) Rami Efrati

    Brig. Gen. (Res.) Rami Efrati

    Founding member and former Head the Civilian Division of the Israel National Cyber Bureau, Prime Minister's Office , Israel
    Commanded numerous prestigious operational and technological positions in Military Intelligence and received the Creative Thinking Award from the Director of Military Intelligence
  • Deepak Kalambkar

    Deepak Kalambkar

    AVP Infrastructure and CSO, SafexPay , India
    CIO Legend Award from CIO World Association 2021
  • Eman Alkhatib

    Eman Alkhatib

    UAE Sales Manager, Cyberknight , United Arab Emirates
  • Heide Young

    Heide Young

    Head of Cyber Security Strategy & Co-Founder, Women in Cyber Security Middle East , United Arab Emirates
  • Hessa Salem Al Nahdi

    Hessa Salem Al Nahdi

    CISO, Department of Culture & Tourism , United Arab Emirates
  • Inass Farouk

    Inass Farouk

    Marketing Director, Microsoft , United Arab Emirates
  • James Hadley

    James Hadley

    CEO, Immersive Labs , United Kingdom
  • Mohammed Darwish Azad

    Mohammed Darwish Azad

    CISO, Emirates NBD , United Arab Emirates
  • Nathan Swain

    Nathan Swain

    Trusted Former Security Advisor , United Arab Emirates
  • Omar Osman

    Omar Osman

    Information Security Officer, Malaffi , United Arab Emirates
  • Quentin Gaumer

    Quentin Gaumer

    Group CISO, Rain , United Arab Emirates
  • Osama El Hassan

    Osama El Hassan

    Specialist, Health Informatics & Smart Health Dept Board Member ISFTEH, Dubai Health Authority , United Arab Emirates
    Co-founder and the vice-chair of Emirates Health Informatics Society as well as co-founder and the coordinator of the GCC Taskforce on Workforce Development in Digital Healthcare.
  • Rasha Abu AlSaud

    Rasha Abu AlSaud

    EVP - CISO, Saudi National Bank , Saudi Arabia
  • Refael Franco

    Refael Franco

    Former Deputy General Director , INCD , Israel
    Formerly led the national efforts in Israel on cyber regulations, methodologies, training, awareness and the development of human capital
  • Shahab Siddiqui

    Shahab Siddiqui

    Global Head of Cyber Security, Petrofac , United Arab Emirates
  • Veneeth Purushotaman

    Veneeth Purushotaman

    Group CIO, Aster DM Healthcare , United Arab Emirates
    Responsible for creating and driving the global IT strategy of the company and consolidating its technology landscape for the group
  • Jarrett Kolthoff

    Jarrett Kolthoff

    CEO, SpearTip , United States
    Founder/CEO of SpearTip and a former U.S. Army Counterintelligence Special Agent
  • Roly Stride

    Roly Stride

    Regional Director Middle East and VP of Sales, Darktrace
    Leads his team across the GCC to advise and deliver on AI native cybersecurity solutions in both IT and OT environments and has overseen unprecedented growth in the adoption of Cyber AI in the MENA region.
  • Ramakrishnan Natarajan

    Ramakrishnan Natarajan

    VP IT, Emirates Hospital
    Spearheading the IT Vertical covering 2 hospitals, 50 clinics and day-surgery centers supporting employee base of around 2500
  • Michael Arov

    Michael Arov

    Head of Cyber Business Unit, Rafael , Israel
  • Amitai Ratzon

    Amitai Ratzon

    CEO, Pcysys , Israel
    Cybersecurity influencer working closely with CISOs of fortune 500 companies globally to shape their cybersecurity strategies and technology stacks
  • Ilan Scialom

    Ilan Scialom

    Research Fellow, Geode Lab, the Research Lab of the French Institute of Geopolitics , Israel
  • Dato’ Ts., Dr Amirudin

    Dato’ Ts., Dr Amirudin

    Board member and Permanent Secretariat, OIC-CERT, CEO, Cybersecurity Malaysia , Malaysia
  • Engineer Jacob Mutisi

    Engineer Jacob Mutisi

    Chairperson, Zimbabwe Information & Communication Technology Division (ZICT), a division of Zimbabwe Institution of Engineers (ZIE) , Zimbabwe
  • Ibrahim Alshamranie

    Ibrahim Alshamranie

    Chief Security Officer , Huawei Saudi Arabia , Saudi Arabia
    Award winning CSO responsible for driving the Company’s cybersecurity vision of building a safe and secure intelligent connected digital world in Saudi and the region
  • Oren Kaplan

    Oren Kaplan

    Director of Strategic Alliances and APJ , Pcysys , Israel
    Veteran in the cyber Intelligence and cybersecurity realm
  • Paul de Souza

    Paul de Souza

    Founder, Cyber Security Forum Initiative (CSFI) , United States
  • Sivan Harel

    Sivan Harel

    Regional Sales Director, Pcysys
    Heading Pcysys' business in the Nordics, Benelux, Israel and UAE, helping organisations validate their cybersecurity posture daily to keep guard up at all times.
  • Smith Gonsalves

    Smith Gonsalves

    Director & Principal Consultant, CyberSmithSECURE , India
    Recognized as one of India's Youngest Cyber Evangelist & Information Security Professional
  • Tanya Zhok

    Tanya Zhok

    Senior Sales Engineer, Psycys
  • Basil Shahin

    Basil Shahin

    Regional Sales Director META, Corelight
  • Sohaib Alam

    Sohaib Alam

    Head of Cybersecurity, Bankislami
  • Timur Yunusov

    Timur Yunusov

    Head of Offensive Security Research, R&D Lab
  • Abdulrahman Al-Nimari

    Abdulrahman Al-Nimari

    Cybersecurity Director , Saudi Arabia
  • Arwa Alhamad

    Arwa Alhamad

    Cyber Security Enablement Director , STC , Saudi Arabia
  • Gil Hazaz

    Gil Hazaz

    VP Sales, Middle East and APAC, XMCyber
  • Eitan Bremler

    Eitan Bremler

    Co Founder & VP Corporate Development, Safe-T
  • Uri Levy

    Uri Levy

    SVP, XMCyber
  • Miles Tappin

    Miles Tappin

    VP, EMEA, ThreatConnect
  • Iddo Moed

    Iddo Moed

    Head of Bureau, African Affairs Division, The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA), Israel , Israel
  • Will Gray

    Will Gray

    Regional Sales Director, EMEA, SecurityScorecard
  • Paula Januszkiewicz

    Paula Januszkiewicz

    CEO, Cybersecurity Expert, MS RD and MVP, CQURE, in partnership with Microsoft
  • Flavius Plesu

    Flavius Plesu

    CEO, OutThink
    A former CISO whose passion for security motivated him to challenge the status quo and solve the People challenge by building the world’s first Cybersecurity Human Risk Management platform
  • Simon Bell

    Simon Bell

    Financial and Professional Risks (FINPRO) Practice Leader - Senior Vice President – MENA, Marsh Middle East and Africa
  • Tye Hayes

    Tye Hayes

    CIO, City of Atlanta
  • Dr. Ernesto Damiani

    Dr. Ernesto Damiani

    Director, Khalifa University Center for Cyber Physical Systems (C2PS), Professor, Director, Information Security Center, Electrical and Computer Engineering & EBTIC
  • Professor Yuval Elovici

    Professor Yuval Elovici

    Head of Ben-Gurion University Cyber Security Research Center , Israel
  • Major Gen. (Res.) Professor Isaac Ben-Israel

    Major Gen. (Res.) Professor Isaac Ben-Israel

    Chairman, Israel Space Agency , Israel
  • Ollie Sheridan

    Ollie Sheridan

    Principal Security Advisor, Gigamon
  • Ashraf Esmat Khalil

    Ashraf Esmat Khalil

    Principal Solutions Architect, Huawei EBG
  • Niall Macleod

    Niall Macleod

    Director Sales Engineering, Digital Shadows
  • Shaik Abdul Khader

    Shaik Abdul Khader

    CISO, Leading Energy Company , Qatar
  • Hafiz Farooq

    Hafiz Farooq

    Global Security Architect, Saudi Aramco
  • Kris Voorspoels

    Kris Voorspoels

    Director of International Technical Services , Owl Cyber Defense
    Served as Deputy Project Director at Siemens NATO team. Architect of industrial network security projects with Aramco, Bapco and Adnoc. Part of an award winning green energy project.
  • Ivan Ustylenko

    Ivan Ustylenko

    Foreign Markets BDM, CyberLympha , Russia
  • David Lazerson

    David Lazerson

    CEO, Lazerson Cyber Services & Ben Cale , Israel
  • Bhowmik Shah

    Bhowmik Shah

    Co-Founder & CTO, Know All Edge IT Infrastructure
  • VJ Paharib

    VJ Paharib

    Senior Consultant – Information Security, Cander Group , United Arab Emirates
  • Oren Yomtov

    Oren Yomtov

    CEO, Immediacy Labs , Israel
  • Furkan Özer

    Furkan Özer

    Co-Founder, Forestall , Turkey
  • Nis Bui

    Nis Bui

    Managing Director, OMANEE , Singapore
  • Ravi Arora

    Ravi Arora

  • Harry Zorn

    Harry Zorn

    VP Sales EMEA, VDOO , Germany
  • Ilan Barda

    Ilan Barda

    CEO, Radiflow , Israel
  • Eyal Hayardeny

    Eyal Hayardeny

    CEO & Co-Founder, Reblaze
  • Matan Liberman

    Matan Liberman

    EVP Business Development, Semperis , Israel
  • Tonu Tammer

    Tonu Tammer

    Executive Director, CERT-EE, Estonian Information System Authority , Estonia
  • Timothy Grance

    Timothy Grance

    Senior Computer Scientist, National Institute of Standards and Technology , United States
  • Faisal Ameer Malik

    Faisal Ameer Malik

    CTO, Huawei Enterprise Business Group
  • Ben Cale

    Ben Cale

    Mentalist , Israel
  • Kunal Taneja

    Kunal Taneja

    Co-Founder & CTO, baraka , Bahrain
  • Erez Dror

    Erez Dror

    Sales Director, Orchestra Group , Israel
  • Oren Elimelech

    Oren Elimelech

    Founder & CEO, CyberTeam360 , Israel
  • Naoufal Kerboute

    Naoufal Kerboute

    Sales Director – Middle East, Waterfall Security Solutions , United Arab Emirates
  • Itzik Weinstein

    Itzik Weinstein

    CEO, Cyber Observer
  • Tausif Sayyed

    Tausif Sayyed

    Head, Data BU, Spire Solutions
  • Idan Dardikman

    Idan Dardikman

    VP Professional Services, Axiom Cyber Services , Israel
  • Dror Sal’ee

    Dror Sal’ee

    Co-Founder & VP APAC – Guardicore, Guardicore , Israel
  • Matthew Platten

    Matthew Platten

    Operations Director – Fraud Management, Channel IT , France
  • Joshua Knight

    Joshua Knight

    Executive Vice President Cyber Defence, Digital14
  • Alan White

    Alan White

    Senior Vice President, Head of Labs & Cyber Advisory, Digital14
  • Adam Cooper

    Adam Cooper

    Cyber-mediation, Senior Program Manager, Centre for Humanitarian Dialogue , Belgium
  • Halushchenko Alexander

    Halushchenko Alexander

    Chief Inspector of the Office of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine, National Coordination Center for Cyber Security , Ukraine
  • Guelpetchin Ouattara

    Guelpetchin Ouattara

    Director General, Direction of ICT and Trace Technologies (DITT), Ministry of Interior and Security, Côte d'Ivoire , Côte d'Ivoire
  • Mark Mishaev

    Mark Mishaev

    Software Director, Checkmarx
  • Emaad Ahmed

    Emaad Ahmed

    Principal Solution Architect & Network Architecture Transformation Chief Expert, Huawei UAE
  • Danny Lacker

    Danny Lacker

    Head of the Water Security and Emergency Division, Water Authority, State of Israel
  • Siham Benhamidouche

    Siham Benhamidouche

    MEA Cybersecurity Officer, Schneider Electric
  • Esti Peshin

    Esti Peshin

    General Manager of the Cyber Division at Israel, Aerospace Industries
  • Bhawani Singh

    Bhawani Singh

    Prncipal Solution Architect APAC, Checkmarx
  • Major General (Ret) Brett T. Williams

    Major General (Ret) Brett T. Williams

    Co-Founder- IronNet, Former Director of Operations for U.S. Cyber Command , United States
  • Lalit Shinde

    Lalit Shinde

    Chief Revenue Officer, Seceon
  • Muhammad Rehan

    Muhammad Rehan

    Head, Infrastructure BU, Spire Solutions
  • Atif Jamil

    Atif Jamil

    Director Solutions- 5G and AI Smart Cities, Huawei ME
  • Dmitry Volkov

    Dmitry Volkov

    CTO, Head of Threat Intelligence & Attribution, Co- Founder of Group-IB
  • Benny Czarny

    Benny Czarny

    Founder and Chief Executive Officer, OPSWAT
  • Mohieddin Kharnoub

    Mohieddin Kharnoub

    Chief Revenue Officer, Spire Solutions
  • Mohamed Djenane

    Mohamed Djenane

    Senior Cyber Security Consultant, Seclore
  • Yegor Aushev

    Yegor Aushev

    CEO, Cyber Unit Technologies
  • Ahmed Saleh

    Ahmed Saleh

    Sales Engineer, META, Recorded Future
  • Zeki Turedi

    Zeki Turedi

    CTO, EMEA, Crowdstrike
  • Iqbal Khawar

    Iqbal Khawar

    Business Development Manager, Global Security Network
  • Priyanka Chatterjee

    Priyanka Chatterjee

    Founder, Sinevis Elements , United Arab Emirates
  • Glen Thomas

    Glen Thomas

    Technology & Cyber Practice Partner, Grant Thornton , United Arab Emirates
  • David Prior

    David Prior

    Principal Consultant, Resilio
  • Eran Stiassny

    Eran Stiassny

    CEO & Founder, Cyberm8 , Israel
  • Matan Henan

    Matan Henan

    Sales Director, CommuniTake Technologies , Israel
  • Mohamed Anwar Hafez

    Mohamed Anwar Hafez

    CISO, Central Bank of Egypt , Egypt
  • Oren T Dvoskin

    Oren T Dvoskin

    Global Marketing Director, Sasa Software
  • Erez Tidhar

    Erez Tidhar

    Executive Director, Israeli National CERT, INCD
  • Eithne Treanor

    Eithne Treanor

    Former journalist (BBC, CNBC, Sky News, Bloomberg)
  • Bahi Hour

    Bahi Hour

    Director of Systems Engineering, Attivo
  • Niyaz Mohamed Ismail

    Niyaz Mohamed Ismail

    Senior Sales Engineer, EclectiqIQ
  • Nagaraj Hebbar

    Nagaraj Hebbar

    Senior Sales Engineer, META, Recorded Future
  • Nadir Izrael

    Nadir Izrael

    Co-Founder and CTO, Armis Security
  • Ahmed Ali

    Ahmed Ali

    VP EMEA, Cyware
  • Matej Michalko

    Matej Michalko

    Founder and CEO, Decent
  • H.E. Dr. Tariq Bin Hendi

    H.E. Dr. Tariq Bin Hendi

    Director General, Abu Dhabi Investment Office
  • Big Hass

    Big Hass

    Radio Host, Pulse 95 FM
  • Evgenia Broshevan

    Evgenia Broshevan

    CEO, HackenProof , Ukraine
  • Hash Choudhuri

    Hash Choudhuri

    GM EMEA, Cribl
  • Ghaith Alsuwaidi

    Ghaith Alsuwaidi

    Deputy Director, Security Systems, Dubai Electronic Security Center (DESC)
  • Khalid Yaqoob Baker

    Khalid Yaqoob Baker

    Senior Researcher, Research & Innovation, Dubai Electronic Security Center (DESC)
  • Matthew McKenna

    Matthew McKenna

    VP, International Operations, SecurityScorecard
  • Captain Khalid Tahlak

    Captain Khalid Tahlak

    Head of Social Crime Section, Dubai Police
  • Captain Abdulla Alshahi

    Captain Abdulla Alshahi

    Deputy Director Cyber Crime Department, Dubai Police
  • Sumaya Al Hajeri

    Sumaya Al Hajeri

    Head of AI Governance and Policy at Minister of AI office, Prime Minister Office


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