Huawei showcasing its portfolio and sharing knowledge at GISEC 2021

Visitors can also peek into ‘Huawei Smart Government Solutions’, which enables governments worldwide to become digital smart

Information and communications technology (ICT) infrastructure and smart devices giant, Huawei, is participating at the ongoing GISEC 2021, where it is showcasing its capabilities in Smart Government, Cloud and 5G, all built around a robust cybersecurity foundation.

Huawei regional executives will also contribute to various plenary sessions during the event, which concludes on from June 2, by exchanging knowledge and leveraging Huawei longstanding ICT expertise.

GISEC is the most influential cybersecurity event in the MENA region. The exhibition is a global platform that brings together world-class cybersecurity innovators, enterprises, and governments under one roof to collaborate, share ideas and explore new ways on how to achieve safer cyberspace for all.

Aloysius Cheang, Chief Security Officer for Huawei UAE, will be discussing several topics during the event including ‘Achieving shared success in cybersecurity, the Huawei way: through technology innovation and bridging cybersecurity divide via open standards and technical collaboration’, ‘The Splinternet: its impact on Cybersecurity’, and ‘Regional PPP on intergovernmental organisation and big tech’.

Huawei experts will also be sharing their knowledge on other topics, such as 5G in Vertical Industries, securing the 5G era, and supply chain cyber risk.

Commenting on Huawei’s participation at the event, Jiawei Liu, CEO of Huawei UAE, said: “GISEC 2021 could not have come at a better time. The accelerated digital trends in the past year have significantly expanded the need for cybersecurity in organisations. Therefore, they must reinforce their security posture and boost their cyber defense capabilities. The event is an ideal platform to highlight the importance of our cybersecurity capabilities as an integrated ICT solutions provider.”

Among the solutions Huawei is showcasing is the ‘Huawei Smart Government Solutions’, which enables governments worldwide to transform from a traditional mode of operation to digital smart, safe and secure cloud-based processes. Additionally, Huawei Cloud will highlight its Intelligent Twins technologies which can deliver a smart experience for people, cities, and enterprises in all scenarios.

“We are constantly reviewing our approach to security and privacy. At GISEC, visitors can learn about how we collaborate with governments, customers, and partners to tackle cybersecurity and privacy challenges,” Cheang added.

“Our technology solutions, built from the ground up with security in mind, can meet our customers’ demands while nurturing a vibrant ecosystem that will uplift the entire profession and promotes innovation.”

The company is also displaying its Enterprise Intelligence (EI) solution, the central theme of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, which is accelerating digital transformation and significantly reshaping enterprises’ business operation and value creation models. Huawei experts will also highlight how 5G can empower industries in these times.

Liu added: “Cybersecurity and privacy protection is not the responsibility of only one enterprise, nor can it be achieved by one enterprise alone. Cybersecurity needs to be built by the whole society. With the use of advanced technologies accelerating more than ever, particularly in the post-pandemic era, we need to keep pushing the boundaries of technology and driving digital transformation forward in a secure and safe cyberspace.”