GISEC 2023 to highlight the need for ongoing cybersecurity training, and heavy investment into adaptable IT security infrastructure

Khaleej Times

Key exhibitors to showcase autonomous security solutions as well as effective ways to address the critical cybersecurity skills gap.

With an ever-changing cyber security landscape to contend with, businesses in the Middle East have to constantly update and monitor their security solutions to deal with new threats and cyber-attacks. Previously static security solutions that were thought to be effective protection are no longer reliable, with new phishing and social engineering attacks making it more and more difficult to keep attackers at bay.

This is just one of the core talking points at this year’s GISEC, where companies have the opportunity to experience first-hand the nature of newer cyber-attacks and how to counteract them. The increase in remote working has opened even more vulnerabilities for organisations, with security teams being unequipped to cover multiple potential attack points. Even more critical is the focus on security training within organisations, covering not just core IT teams, but also end-users.

With a very evident IT security skills gap existing in the market, organisations need to be serious about always staying ahead of the security landscape. SANS Institute aims to address this skill gap at GISEC, with interactive demonstrations of their cybersecurity offerings and training to enhance employee security skills and capabilities. “Our participation aims to provide visitors with the latest industry trends and best practices, with cloud security being of paramount importance in digital environments. We offer specialised GIAC-certified training courses to enable individuals and organisations to stay ahead of the constantly evolving cloud security landscape and equip them to safeguard their data and systems against cyber-attacks on the cloud,” said Ned Baltagi, managing director — Middle East and Africa at SANS Institute. “We will also host a mini ‘Capture-the-Flag’ event at our stand, where visitors will have the chance to test their skills in a simulated cybersecurity environment, designed to provide real-world, hands-on experience and showcase our immersive training opportunities.”