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NEOX Networks GmbH - DE

Stand: C-18-10

NEOX NETWORKS GmbH, a German manufacturer and worldwide supplier of network visibility solutions. We help companies to gain access and get full visibility into their networks by eliminating so called blind-spots.

Our products enable our customers to maximize the capability of their network monitoring, network forensics, network traffic analysis, network full packet capture, lawful interception and cybersecurity solutions.

With the focus on network visibility, our product portfolio includes solutions such as Full Packet Network Capture Systems, Network Forensics Appliances, Network TAPs, Network Packet Brokers, and Advanced Packet Processing Devices.

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Country: Germany


NEOXPacketWolf - FPGA-Based Advanced Packet Processing Appliance

The ideal platform for advanced packet processing of network data up to 400G. Features such as Deduplication, Header Stripping, Packet Slicing and more.


NEOXPacketFalcon Compact - Portable and Rackmountable Packet Capture Appliance Lossless Recording up to 40Gbps

Professional Network Forensics Appliance and Cybersecurity Tool for Ultra-Fast Recording, Indexing, Searching and Analysis of Network Data in Real Time!


NEOXPacketRaven - Specially Hardened Network TAP

With enhanced security features such as: (Optional) fix preconfigured operational modes, secured & encrypted fimrware, security seal against unnoticed opening, safety screws against unwanted opening CRITIS & IEC 62443 approved