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Infotecs GmbH

Stand: C-18-07

International security solutions provider of software based VPN solutions, Infotecs developed its Peer-to-Peer technology to deliver greater security and flexibility. Infotecs strives to continuously deliver value to customers by developing innovative security solutions that are easy to deploy and maintain. All solutions are enhanced by world class 24/7 support, development, and technical teams as well as a strong international network of distribution partners.

Infotecs delivers security solutions, which are suitable for a broad range of applications. We understand that specific industries such as Energy or Government may require tailored security solutions. The ViPNet Security and Threat Intelligence Platform provides comprehensive Information Security enablement encompassing Software Defined VPN, Mobile Security, ICS Security, Cloud Security, Secure Unified Communications, Intrusion Detection Software (IDS), Industry VPN gateways, and security for the Internet of Things (IoT).

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Country: Germany