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infodas GmbH

Stand: C-18-15

INFODAS is an independent, family owned company founded in 1974 in Germany. It develops the most advanced cross domain solutions based on security-by-design principles that enable digitization of formerly air-gapped domains with classified information. INFODAS also provides Cybersecurity, IT and AI consulting to government, defense and commercial clients. The SDoT product family cross domain solutions (SDoT Security Gateway, SDoT Diode, SDoT Labelling Service, are approved up to German, EU, NATO SECRET and are listed in the NATO information assurance product catalogue. The SDoT Security Gateway also has a CC EAL4+ certification. Combined with OPSWAT Metadefender, SDoT ensure malware or ransomware free data entry, content disarm and reconstruction (CDR), storage and retrieval. For the past 15 years SDoT CDS have been used in the toughest environments around the world (e.g. Navy vessels, Air defense, deployable data centers, tanks). They are designed and manufactured in Germany with full supply chain transparency.

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Country: Germany


SDoT Product Family

INFODAS develops tactical cross domain solutions or patch management for isolated networks. Their products hold NATO, EU and GERMAN SECRET approvals and CC EAL4+ certifications.