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EgoMind GmbH

Stand: C-18-12

EgoMind started more than 15 years ago as specialists in the field of endpoint security. Our team quickly realized that you have to offer the customer much more than just the core functionality. For this reason, we have an extremely large amount of experience and expert knowledge in the fields of …

  • Management
  • Analyze,
  • Security,
  • Connectivity,
  • Optimization

… , with which we can help both end customers and software manufacturers very quickly.

EgoMind supports you to become better in all areas described above. Your core competencies remain your focus. EgoMind increases the success of your products with extensions and optimizations. You strengthen your products with your knowledge and we with our experience. Do you have a new idea but no resources to realize it? Talk to us – we are happy to help.

Website: Click Here

Country: Germany