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Digitronic Computersystem GmbH

Stand: C-18-14

digitronic is a German manufacturer of IT security software and was founded in Chemnitz in 1990. The focus is on innovative software products for the protection of confidential and sensitive data. The solutions are always oriented towards specific customer requirements, are fully scalable and can usually be easily integrated into other systems. The core products are a 2-factor authentication solution for simple and secure logon to end devices (SmartLogon™), an encryption solution for secure storage of confidential data on network drives (HiCrypt™) and an unified massaging system for confidential communication in police departments, among others (digitronic UMS). As a long-standing member of the German IT security association “TeleTrusT”, digitronic stays up to date with the latest security standards and is always able to bring highly secure and trustworthy IT security technologies to market.

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Country: Germany



SmartLogon™ is a 2-factor authentication solution for SMEs, industry, administration and government, healthcare facilities and many more. User login is implemented with Token and short PIN.



HiCrypt™ encrypts data on a wide variety of file servers and ensures that only the group of people in possession of the corresponding key can view the confidential data.



SmartToken is an app for your smartphone that provides you with virtual security tokens for secure authentication to the operating system or specialist applications.


digitronic UMS

digitronic UMS is a unified messaging solution which can be fully integrated into any mail system. Thus, calls, fax messages, e-mails or SMS can be received, processed and sent.