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Turkish Cyber Security Cluster

Stand: D16

Turkish Cyber Security Cluster was established in order to develop cyber security ecosystem with the contribution of all public agencies, academia, and private sector representatives.

The cluster has more than 200 members offering more than 300 products that were developed in Turkey and more than 400 service and training opportunities.

The main purpose of the Turkish Cyber Security Cluster is to create synergy with sharing knowledge and experience among cluster members and other stakeholders and thus to create the domestic cyber sector ecosystem.


Join us at the Turkish Pavilion to meet with our innovative and leading Cyber Security companies! 

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Country: Turkey


Verisis - CLIMS - Digital Forensic Laboratory Management Platform

CLIMS - DF LIMS is a case and workflow management tool for digital forensic laboratories having automatic expertise report generation and integration with various cyber forensic tools.


TR7 Load Balancer and WEB Application Firewall (Application Security Platform)

TR7 is producing NG LB and AI based WAF technologies since 2008. TR7 ASP (Application Security Platform) is designed to protect and optimize the performance of the critical IT infrastructures.


SAASPASS Identity and Access Management

SAASPASS is a Full Stack Identity and Access Management product which provides a Zero Trust access environment by harnessing the utility of Passwordless Multi Factor Authentication.


GAIS Security - Red Team Services

A real time attack simulation service, aiming to notice your web-based vulnerabilities “before you hacked”.Service is provided with your written consent, following ethical hacking rules, and keeping top privacy.


Malwation-AIMA (Hypervisor-based Automated/Interactive Malware Analysis System)

AIMA facilitates the analysis of malware, automates the operations that need to be done during classical analysis process. Saves time and shows you the important details of malware.


Malwation- MSP (Malware Simulation Platform)

A platform designed to test malware analysis and protection solutions, allows users to create and manage complex malware simulations. It provides code obfuscating techniques and binary packing functionality.


Peyk- MonSpark

MonSpark is a next-generation web application monitoring solution with smart correlation rules. MonSpark can detect changes in cookies, network requests, technologies, lighthouse audits, screenshots and so much more.


Veriskop - SDD (Sensitive Data Discovery)

Fast and accurate Sensitive Data Discovery, Classification and Masking software on structured, non-structured, and personal computers. SDD can discover, classify and mask sensitive data in office, image, PDF, zip, files.


Veriskop - CopyCat (Test Data Management)

Static Data Masking and Test Data Management software that enables Test Data Management, Data Subsetting, Archiving, Synthetic Data Generation, Cross Platform Data Transfer (Oracle <-> SQL Server, etc).


Veriskop - Caplan

Database user activity monitoring, auditing and logging software. All sql statement executed on database are captured and stored in Elasticsearch by Caplan agent with real-time alerts, alarm and notification mechanism.


Veriskop - DDA (Dynamic Data Access)

First and unique IDM - Identity Management and DDM –Dynamic Data Masking software. DDA manages all authentication, authorization and dynamic data masking process instead of database management systems.


Veriskop - Copycat Live (Dynamic Data Masking)

Dynamic Data Masking & Database Firewall software that centralizes data security. Data resides in database in plain format and based on queried user’s role, data masked/encrypted/hashed to the user.



DataBrokerX is a unique solution that provides secure cross-domain access via using data diodes. It brings you the capability to query resources located on the other side of the network.



DataFlowX Next Generation Data Diode solution allows you to physically isolate the critical networks. It only delivers data in one-way, which makes threats dysfunctional.



Physically isolate your browser activity to minimize the attack surface for malicious links and files by separating users' web browsing from the endpoint device with DataIsolatorX remote browser isolation solution.



DataMessageX is a next generation messaging security gateway specially designed for enterprises and service providers to prevent their end users from phishing, identity theft and malware attacks.