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SSH Communications Security Oyj

Stand: F4

We protect our customers' critical data

Check out our best-of-breed solutions for interactive and M2M access management, data encryption, mainframe security, and secure, remote file transfers.
Having solutions for secure file transfer, enterprise key management, Privileged Access Management, and secure communications.
As Finnish vendor we take pride in our fanatical customer service and support, evidenced by some of the highest NPS scores (71) of any software company.

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Country: Finland


PrivX - Zero Trust Privileged Access

Secure access (ZeroTrust with JIT & JEA) to all your critical targets from one solution, be the targets servers in hybrid IT environments, network devices, databases, applications or production sites.


Tectia - SFTP for secure server and mainframe transmissions

Protect file transfers​ (SFTP/SCP), encrypt application traffic and secure remote terminal connections. Comply with security standards, enjoy ​24/7 support, reduce deployment and maintenance costs (for Windows, Unix, Linux & z/OS).


Universal SSH Key Manager® - Enterprise Key Management with "UKM"

Like passwords, SSH keys grant access to critical infrastructure or data and typically outnumber passwords 10 to 1. Secure your business with UKM and migrate to efficient ZeroTrust, keyless SSH-access.



SSH NQX™ is a quantum encryption software solution for transporting Ethernet and IP traffic across any network, private or public. Certified Finnish TL-III (EU-confidential) level for cryptographic protection.


Deltagon Secure eMail - Robust email encryption for public- or private-cloud or for on-premises

Fulfills the most demanding security needs​ with end-to-end encryption. No end user accounts to manage. Per message-based security ​and role definitions. Consistent best-of-breed user experience across different email service.


Secure Signatures - Secure delivery of signature documents with authentication options​ and robust encryption

Highly configurable e-signing solution to support your signature processes through APIs or web interfaces​. On-premise possible to ensure your data remains in your control. Flexible branding options​, no cumbersome end-user-account-management.


Deltagon Secure Form​s - Straightforward GUI for creating forms for data collection​

All data in transit encrypted​. GDPR, WCAG compliant​. Possible on-premise deployment ensures your confidential information stays in your control​. Wide variety of proven features to support processes and use-cases​.


Deltagon Secure Workspace - Share files without artificial size limits & Simple and secure 2-way communication with 3rd parties​

Works with any device. Secure and responsive browser-interface protects data in transit​. Wide support for different authentication methods​. Simple admin tools to make complicated security controls easy​. Cloud or On-Premise.