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Valto Information Technology LLC

Stand: D6

Valto Information Technology LLC operates in the Middle East as a value-added distributor for IT infrastructure and cybersecurity solutions. With a decade's experience enabling digital transformation to businesses of all sizes, we have now added secure remote working and enterprise-grade cybersecurity to our portfolio. We are headquartered in Dubai, UAE, and our backend technical office resides in India. Our clientele spans across all industries- from real estate to banking, from insurance to retail to healthcare. That doesn't stop us from being hungry for more knowledge - every client teaches us something new. We work with leading resellers and system integrators in the Middle East Region to ensure our world-class products are available to meet your requirements.

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Country: United Arab Emirates



Accops offers an end-to-end solution for secure remote access to business applications, allowing you to transform your office into a digital workspace.



ContentKeeper offers a multi-layered gateway security solution that is perfect for businesses looking to move to the cloud, but are worried about network and infrastructure risks.



Email security has never become more important than in today's hybrid way of working. MailinBlack is a email security solutons trusted by over 9000 customers across the world.



Vicisoft is a enterprise document management system offering top-of-the-line document security and collaboration to enterprises for the last 15 years.



Digital signatures are gaining popularity in today's business environment. Cygnature offers a simple-to-use, powerful platform to authenticate your identity using secure digital certificates.



Eliminate all your manual processing and validation of information using Equatd's Intelligent Document Processing solution, ICE-AI Suite. Process and validate entire documents in less than 5 minutes!



With strong core competencies in Cryptography and Internetworking, Odyssey offers solutions built around Public Key Infrastructure (PKI), the framework that brings confidentiality, authentication, privacy, and non-repudiation into the omnipresent world



IRIS, a Canon Company, is the leader in OCR capture, document classification and auto-indexing, with its patented OCR technology being used by all major information capture products in the world.