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Constella Intelligence is a global leader in Digital Risk Protection that works in partnership with some of the world´s largest organizations to safeguard what matters most and defeat digital risk. Our solutions are a unique combination of proprietary data, technology, and human expertise to anticipate, identify, and remediate targeted threats to your executives, your brand and your assets at scale—powered by the most extensive breach, surface, deep and dark data collection on the planet, with over 100 billion attributes and 45 billion curated identity records spanning 125 countries and 53 languages.

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Country: United States

Dome Employee and Executive Protection

Constella Dome is the only Digital Risk Protection platform that protects all of your employees and executives from external digital threats.

Dome Executive Protection

Protect Executives and VIPs from External Digital Risks


Hunter delivers real-time and historical real identity intelligence to help investigators solve more cases faster by allowing them to discover hidden connections within sources and tools that fuel criminal activity.