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Stand: D16

DataFlowX is a manufacturer of technologies offering "Next Generation Cyber Security Technologies", which started operations in 2014 to develop solutions to evolving and increasing cyber threats.

DataFlowX develops products in the field of defense and cybersecurity, DataFlowX, next-generation data diode, DataBrokerX, protocol breaking, and routing solution, DataMessageX, e-mail security gateway, and DataIsolatorX internet browser isolation products are available in various institutions.

DataFlowX which was awarded certification at the EAL4+ level of common criteria, which is the internationally recognized safety standard in 2020 with its DataFlowX product, develops its solutions in line with high safety and quality standards.

DataFlowX develops cybersecurity products that require engineering and R&D capability to meet the needs of medium and large enterprises, financial institutions, energy/gas/water distribution networks, production automation systems, critical infrastructures, and SCADA's, defense, and security institutions; focused on meeting challenging needs. Instead of a repeat of known solutions, our vision is to create a whole of products that can offer absolute security measures, thus providing a single package of solutions that provide total defense against advanced attacks.

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Country: Turkey


DataBroker X

DataBrokerX is a unique solution that provides secure cross-domain access via using data diodes. It brings you the capability to query resources located on the other side of the network.



DataFlowX Next Generation Data Diode solution allows you to physically isolate the critical networks. It only delivers data in one-way, which makes threats dysfunctional.



DataMessageX is a next generation messaging security gateway specially designed for enterprises and service providers to prevent their end users from phishing, identity theft and malware attacks.



Physically isolate your browser activity to minimize the attack surface for malicious links and files by separating users' web browsing from the endpoint device with DataIsolatorX remote browser isolation solution.