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Yogosha is a crowdsourced cybersecurity platform enabling a win-win collaboration with the most talented hackers to detect and fix vulnerabilities on your most critical systems. Choose your security strategy amongst Bug Bounty, crowdsourced Pentest or CVD, and interact with your selected hackers.

Yogosha was born out of a fundamental belief that our approach and understanding of cybersecurity was in need of a big shift. Through well-written, actionable reports and resources, we're helping teams understand the real impacts of their cybersecurity strategy, while fairly paying talented hackers for their crucial work. And to further support their work, empower our clients and foster transparency, we've also created a sophisticated SaaS Bug Bounty platform offering them unparalleled control and visibility over every aspect of their cybersecurity strategy.

Secure your applications - Learn from the best - Grow your business.

Website: Click Here

Country: France