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Tripwire Inc.

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About Tripwire

For more than 20 years Tripwire has protected the world’s leading organisations against the most damaging cyber-attacks. On site and in the cloud, our diverse solutions find, monitor and minimise risks to your digital infrastructure—all without disrupting day-to-day operations or productivity. Think of us as the invisible line that keeps systems safe.

Our technology and services enable you to stay on top of unauthorised changes, misconfigurations, vulnerabilities and weaknesses, and drifts outside your security policy.

If there is a particular cyber security challenge you are trying to solve then Tripwire has a solution.


Tripwire spans hybrid environments within a unified product structure.  From cloud storage to SaaS applications, Tripwire can assess cloud instances for secure configuration and suspicious changes.  We also help to ensure data is not inadvertently being exposed. For organisations where cloud is enabling DevOps, Tripwire helps incorporate security consistently across the DevOps life cycle – from build to pre-deployment to production.  Data collected from the multiple Tripwire controls can be shared and correlated to enhance the users’ visibility and awareness of potential threats.

Industrial Cyber Solutions

Tripwire industrial solutions enable visibility to and protection from events that threaten safety, quality, and productivity for mission-critical systems. These are events that disrupt your ability to view, monitor, or control your industrial process – whether by malicious activity or human error. Tripwire does this by telling you what’s on your network, if it is configured correctly, if the configuration is changing, or can monitor if one of your devices telling you it's on the brink of failure.

Vulnerability Management

Tripwire enables organisations to identify system vulnerabilities through advanced intelligence that prioritises the most critical issues and how to fix them. It offers both agent and agentless capabilities for superior scanning and accuracy. Tripwire provides the industry's most granular risk scoring system and the lowest available false positive rate. Its advanced intelligence powered by Tripwire’s vulnerability exposure and research team (VERT) helps organisations identify, prioritise, and respond to their most critical vulnerabilities.

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We also publish The State of Security Blog as we understand the important place that technology solutions hold in many organizations’ cybersecurity strategies. But we also realise that technology is just one piece of good security. Ultimately, it’s about people protecting people.

To celebrate that, our mission at The State of Security is to provide a platform for the cybersecurity community to share news, commentary and resources—all in one place.

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