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Stand: D35

ColorTokens is a leading provider of Zero Trust micro-segmentation for hybrid enterprises.ColorTokens’ SaaS-based, cloud-delivered approach ensures fast and easy segmentation, effectively blocking the spread of ransomware and malware inside your network. The benefit to our customers is fast security deployment, single dashboard visualization of traffic flows and assets, leading to progressive segmentation and lockdown of threats and potential breaches
Our solutions are designed for modern distributed environments, and drastically reduce operational complexity and cost of ownership.

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Country: United States



ColorTokens Xshield is a cloud-delivered micro-segmentation solution based on a Zero Trust platform that secure critical corporate assets, including applications and workloads



a cloud-delivered, SaaS-based secure access solution within the ColorTokens Xtended ZeroTrustTM Platform, enables secure access for remote employees, third parties, and contractors from distributed locations as they connect with their



for Endpoint Protection – part of the ColorTokens Spectrum Platform – provides enterprises with a robust signature-less approach that works at the kernel level to block unauthorized processes on endpoints