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Stand: F20

Radiflow is an Industrial Cyber-Security Solutions provider for critical business operations. Recognized by Gartner as sole vendor in both the OT Network Monitoring and Visibility and the Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS) Risk Management categories, Radiflow's solutions allow CISOs to continuously monitor and simulate attacks without disrupting critical industrial operations.

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Country: Israel


CIARA- Cyber Industrial Automated Risk Analysis

Designed to empower CISOs to increase the effectiveness of their risk-mitigation measures, while optimizing cybersecurity expenditure


iSID- Industrial Threat Detection

Modeling and visibility of OT and IT devices, protocols and sessions; detection of threats and attacks; policy monitoring and validation of operational parameters; rules-based maintenance management; and networked device management.


iSAP- Smart Collector

The iSAP Smart Collector is a cost effective solution for non-intrusively sending all OT network data traffic to the iSID Industrial Threat Detection system for analysis.


iCEN- Central Monitoring for iSID

Designed for large enterprises and Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs), iCEN provides a unified view of sites’ risk scores, OT assets, iSID status, alerts and maintenance