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FireCompass Technologies Private Limited

Stand: F9

FireCompass offers Automated Red Teaming-as-a-Service using real-world Tactics, Techniques and Procedures (TTPs) of attackers in a cost-effective & repeatable manner.

Key Benefits of using FireCompass:

  • Breadth Of Testing: FireCompass provides broader coverage in attack surface discovery which includes unknown & shadow IT assets, IPs, ports, applications, cloud inventory, leaked data and more.
  • Depth Of Testing: Red Teaming-as-a-Service (RTaaS) provides depth in testing with custom built playbooks that simulate real adversary TTP methods from outside your network.
  • Continuous Testing & Near Real-time Alerts: Continuous monitoring (daily/weekly scans) of risky ports, data leaks, code leaks, leaked credentials, cloud buckets and certificates. Provides near real-time alerts on any changes in Attack Surface.
  • Prioritize Remediation Efforts: Prioritize risks based on attacker TTPs (Tactics, Techniques and Procedures). Help identify those things that can attract attention and lead to an attack. From a forgotten database to a critical open network port to an emerging threat like log4j.
  • Security Assurance: Red Teaming-as-a-Service (RTaaS)  can provide the assurance that your security systems are doing what they are supposed to be doing, preventing a breach.
  • Increase Your Security Team’s Efficiency: Red Teaming-as-a-Service (RTaaS) allows you to leverage technology to do more with less. A true force multiplier for your people.
  • More For Your Security Budget: Let FireCompass be an extension of your security team and you will be able to get more done with fewer resources.

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Country: India