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We are a consulting company focused on identifying and marketing niche or new technologies seeking a place in the region. The company provides services such as Consultancy, Managed Security Services (SOC as a Service) and Solution Designing. We also provide Cyber Security software solutions.

We are the extra level of support that ensures your valuable network is safe and secure. As a Software Defined Network (SDN) Privacy-as-a-Service, we hide and disguise your network by implementing a logical, dynamically shifting network on top of your existing infrastructure and the Internet for transport.
Why do you need NetEnclave?
Just when you think your organization is well-protected, unpredictable threats prove otherwise. Keep your network secure from internet lurkers, hostile attackers and unwanted visibility with proper digital protection from NetEnclave.
Our dynamically generated, dedicated networks protect your identity and location by constantly disguising any identifiable information normally susceptible to internet threats. By obscuring the identity of the user, we discourage attacks before they can even begin.
If they can’t find you, they can’t attack you! By adding an additional layer of abstraction, we disguise where your data is being sent. Hostile actors cannot launch attacks if they don’t know the path on which data travels.
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EGERIE is the European leading software company providing cyber risk management.
EGERIE offers a collaborative platform allowing a global, agile and structured approach for the governance, management and compliance of cybersecurity risks and protection of personal data.
Recognized by the highest governmental and regulatory authorities, EGERIE’s technology enables companies and government organizations to understand how they are exposed to risks and to support them in helping to make decisions and determining the security measures to be implemented.
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Country: United Arab Emirates