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We are changing the way companies are doing business. Using revolutionary SaaS products to connect the real world to the Internet, we create new value for businesses. With a strong focus on scalability, sustainability, and growth, we enable organizations to maximize their bottom line while meeting their goals.

Bringing you a new way of thinking with a perspective that offers the most innovative solution. HyperNym takes pride to be a part of the IoT SaaS platform “HyperNet”, hosted on Microsoft Azure. The complete development of this platform, including the firmware of unique hardware devices is crafted by the engineering team of HyperNym.

HyperNet is one of the most versatile and powerful IoT platform that provide all the IoT features you may need for streamlining your business operation - from data collection and device management to IoT dashboards and analytics. 



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Country: United Arab Emirates


HyperNet Fleet Management

Automate your Fleet Operations with HyperNet Fleet Management. Task automation is no longer a bother. Automate, collect, and centralize all kinds of paperwork like fuel receipts, workflows, and delivery proofs. No longer necessary to call drivers for ETA’s schedule, status updation, and work information. . Automation can track the performance of a workflow from beginning to end by digitizing the tasks within it. This allows a company to evaluate how well its operations are going easily. Know everything about the vehicles through our advanced sensors and OBD devices.


HyperNet Smart Buildings

An IoT-enabled centralized automated building management system that automates control systems of the entire building. Remotely access and automate lightning and HVAC systems of the building with the Smart Building System. Allows efficient control and scheduling of various systems with smart sockets. The operation of the system is maintained within a specified range of the building climate, offers malfunction alarms to a building’s maintenance staff, monitor device failure and performance in all building systems, and lighting to rooms based on an occupancy schedule.