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ÖLÇSAN, celebrating 50th year of business, continues to produce high-standard value-added solutions with its experience and R&D activities.

Offering customer-oriented solutions and products, ÖLÇSAN is a software and hardware developer, solution producer and integrator in the fields of cyber and physical security.

Starting from border security; ÖLÇSAN has a broad portfolio of products and solutions covering access control, perimeter security, video management systems, fire&alarm systems for physical security.

Products and services for cyber security are as follows;

  •   IDS/IPS, DPI
  •   DLP
  •   WEB Security
  •   Endpoint Security
  •   Application Security
  •   Data security
  •   Identity and Access Management
  •   Secure Messaging
  •   Cyber Threat Intelligence
  •   Surface Attack Management
  •   EDR, XDR, MDR
  •   Penetration Tests
  •   Vulnerability Scaning,
  •   Red Teaming Services,
  •   Incident Response
  •   Training & Certification

ÖLÇSAN adds value to the sector with its leading global business partners, best products and solutions, and continues to work in ITU Science Park and Mecidiyeköy offices in Istanbul, Türkiye.

This year we will be presenting our disruptive IDS/IPS product called T-STRAINER.

Website: Click Here

Country: Türkiye



T-STRAINER is a network security system that continuously monitors a network for malicious activity and attacks and prevents this attack, including reporting, blocking or disabling when an attack occurs.


EagleEYE - Identity and Access Management

EagleEYE is a native software designed for secure computer and application access, screen security and user authentication in the field of cyber security.



Roqos extends SASE by eliminating overlay networks, and providing asset discovery, scheduling, geo-fencing, vulnerability scanning, real-time alerting and zero-touch provisioning.