Industry 4.0 is the current trend of automation and data exchange in manufacturing technologies. It includes cyber-physical systems, the Internet of things and cloud computing. Industry 4.0 creates what has been called a “smart factory”.

Digi Robotics with its innovative products and motivate Engineers we are aiming to apply any new high tech to our Recent products and applications.

Digi Robotics and per its Experience in Gcc and International Market had noticed that with Industry 4.0 we can go beyond to achieve more and to have a satisfied client.

We are working with customers around the world.  Which can be filtered by industry, services or products, show how we listen to their challenges and work hard to help them save money, increase productivity, improve safety, and reduce downtime.

During Our Participation In IOTx/ GISEC we will show case Our Three Products which is related to three different industries , and to spread the awareness of the Smart Manufacturing 4.0 Industry and How it is Synchronized in parallel with Internet of Things.


  • Digi Robotics Technologies would like to present all the Up to date Products related to the Ait Logistic Transportation and Applications.
  • DroGo distinguished by its unique ability of flying a long distance without any human support specially to pass all the traffic areas and also for Security issues, Drogo is specialized to Transport by air all the Boxes or deliveries for the clients.

Smart Automation Robotic Industry:

  • According to Digi Robotics’ Vision for 4.0 Industry we would like to show case a small scale of an innovated factory.
  • The Application will be showing a smart manufacturing Scenario, to pick and Drop a specific item and locate it on the conveyor belt.
  • During the Item’s movement on the Conveyor belt, the Scanner will define the physical status of the item and distinguish the defected items.
  • If the Item is clear, then the Robot will pick it and store it in The Organized Shelves.
  • As soon as the Item has been trigged that it is defected then the Robot will place it in the Quality Control QC box.
  • With Automation and Smart 4.0 Smart manufacturing trend Digi Robotics will show case how to Store your Products and discard the defected items.


is incredible high-tech Robot for the coffee/tea fans who likes modern places.

The CafeBot restaurant is a wonderful choice of delicious Drinks, along with high service from out Bots waitress who not going to demand any tips from you.

Your imagination and tastes are highly respected by CafeBot as you will Choose your favorite Drink by yourself by placing your order on touch screen interactive table board which keeps track of and displays the most ordered drinks.

You can have an incredible feeling by watching WaitressBots dancing, waving their arms and serving orders in opposite directions.

Visit our stand D-110 during GISEC & IOTX 2017 to see these ground-breaking technologies and more.